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Roundhay Against War (R.A.W.)


About us:
We are a group of school students (from Roundhay School in Leeds) who have formed an anti-war group. We are committed to informing people and reminding them of the other actions that could be taken. We believe this war to be an immoral and unjustifiable action.

Leeds Demonstration:
We showed our presence at a number of recent protests. We had an excellent banner (thanks to Doug); a picture will be posted as soon as I can find one.
Link to Other Pictures of the Protests:

Our Ideology:
There are only two requirements to become a member of R.A.W:
1. You must live, study or work in Roundhay.
2. You must be anti-war.

Although most members are left-wing (many are Socialists); it is not a prerequisite of membership.

Where and When We Meet:
We meet every Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime in Main School. Membership costs nothing and we're a friendly set of people; don't be afraid to come along!

Further Action:
We meet additionally:

In the Sahara Cafe (opposite Forbidden Planet) every Monday:

5pm - SPARKS (Youth Socialist Workers) meeting.

6pm - Students Against War.

7pm - Civic Hall - Leeds Coalition Meeting.

There are protests every Thursday and Saturday in Dortmund Square.
Useful Information and Resources.