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More About Us:
We are a collection of people who are motivated by the desire to stop war, end inperialism and bring an end to racism. We are aware that these are lofty ideals (considered unrealistic by some); but does the fact that an ideal is unlikely to occur justify inaction? We don't think so.

We are determined to show people that all youth aren't 'ignorant' and 'apolitical;' stereotypes are dangerous, and should be avoided.

Recent Action:
We have had representatives at:

Leeds Coalition Against War,
Yorkshire C.N.D,
Students Against War,
Socialist Worker's Party,
Liberal Democrat's Party,
Labour Against War,
Every major Leeds Demonstration,
Roundhay Demonstrations,
Candle-lit vigils outside the Town Hall.

Political and Organisational Affiliations of Members:
Socialist Worker's Party,
Society for Green Socialism,
Liberal Democrats Party,
World Vision,
International A.N.S.W.E.R,
Amnesty International,
Anti-Nazi League.

If You Have Any Demonstration Pictures:
Feel free to send them to me.

Leeds Coalition Website:
The main site.