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Our Beliefs

General Outline:
We are against this war for a number of reasons. We believe that it is morally unjustifiable and will not bring peace to the region. There are a number of arguements that I would like expand upon below:

C.N.D. Symbol
We actively support the Campaign for Nucular Disarmament. This is because we believe that a world without nucular armaments would be a safer and richer place. Money spent on these weapons is wasted, and could be spent on items that would benefit society.
  #1 - The Humanitarian Arguement:
The Allies have recently argued that Iraq must be 'liberated' for humanitarian reasons. We agree. We do not support Saddam, he should be removed through action from the U.N; NOT an illegal occupation.

The idea of regime change has only recently been put forward by the Allies; they used to only talk about finding W.M.D.

It is likely that Saddam will be replaced by an equally brutal dictator. The primary motive behind this war is not a humanitarian one - it is simply powered by greed and imperialism.

#2 - The "Terrorist Threat" Arguement:
Another arguement used is that: Iraq poses a terrorist threat. However:

Iraq has no proven links with Al-Quaeda (at this present time. Incidentally, America does have known links with many terrorist organisations; notably, the I.R.A.)

If Saddam Hussein is killed by the Allies then in the eyes of many Arabs, he will become a matyr, someone to respect and remember with pride; not the sort of image that children should have.

A war is more likely to create terrorists than to stop them. When people see wartime atrocities committed by the Allies (especially acting without the U.N.); support for terrorist groups will increase dramatically.

America funds terrorist groups and organisations which commit attrocities (notibly, the Israeli army). All respect for the U.S. disappears when people realise the hypocrisy.

#3 - The "We Can't Stop The War" Arguement:
If all the people who said this united; we would have an amazing coalition and could achieve even more! Even if all our protests didn't stop the war; does that excuse inaction? I think not. Every time that we mobilisewe are sending a clear message to the warmongers and administrators - we will not support this war. If they don't listen, then they will pay when they see the results of the polling booths!

Victim of Israeli Army Attack:
Our taxes paid for this. Our government supports this. It's time that the illegal occupation of Palestine ended!

Do We Want To See More Images Like This?
We need to send the clear signal to our leaders that the occupation of Iraq is illegal, immoral, unjustified and NOT IN OUR NAME!

Inaction is inexcusable. People are dying.